Thursday, January 24, 2013

#16: A kind act in the middle of frustration

"26 acts of kindness","26 acts", "random acts of kindness","#26acts" After paying the stranger's toll on MLK Day, I took my kids to Lego Land to spend the day off from school.  In addition to having fun and meeting up with friends, I learned to never, ever, EVER go to Lego Land on a school holiday.  We have annual passes, and it is just not worth fighting the crowds when we can have the place to ourselves any Sunday morning.

After a couple hours of playing, we were ready for lunch.  The line at the cafe was LONG.  And of course there was only one cashier.  All of the kids and parents in line, including us, were hungry and grumpy.  I think we stood in line for 25 minutes, but it felt like 3 hours.  When we got to the cashier, I mumbled something about needing more people to work so the line would move faster.  I flashed my season pass so I could get 20% off our meal.

 I wish the cafe looked like this photo while we were there.

Then I had a thought.  Why not try to perform an act of kindness in the middle of this frustration?  So I handed my season pass to the woman behind me and told her to use it so she could get 20% her meal, too.  I waited for her to complete her transaction, and I think she was very appreciative.  (What's another 2 minutes after you've been waiting 25?!)  I don't know about her, but I felt so much better after doing that for her.  

I know it cost me nothing and only saved her a few dollars.  But maybe my act of kindness changed her attitude that day or possibly inspired her to pay it forward.

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