Monday, May 27, 2013

#22: Take a dog on a walk

I'm embarrassed to say that I've been majoring neglecting this blog!  However, I have not stopped doing my acts of kindness.  I can honestly say that I've started to incorporate random kindness into my everyday life, which was one of the goals of this challenge.

Last week I was in the mood to go on a walk.  Last year we moved to a subdivision that intersects with a busy street, so it is not a great neighborhood for long walks.  I loved my 2 mile walking route in my old neighborhood (where my mom still lives), so I decided to drive there for my walk.  And since I was already there, why not take my mom's dog, Buddy, with me?

Coco and Buddy

Most of you would not understand why this would be so appreciated.  My mom works long hours and always worries that her dog needs more exercise.  She occasionally pays the teenager a few houses down to walk Buddy.  So I knew how thrilled she would be to find out when she came home that Buddy had already been on a long walk!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

#21: Free Coffee

"26 acts of kindness","26 acts", "random acts of kindness","#26acts" As you have probably figured out from previous posts, I love coupons and I love helping others save money.  Recently I received some Racetrac coupons in the newspaper for free coffee (no purchase necessary!).  Since I don't drink coffee, I thought it would be fun to give these coupons to someone who would appreciate it.

I pass Racetrac on the way to and from work, so one afternoon I stopped there to surprise two people with the coupons.  I saw a man who appeared to be a construction worker holding a fresh cup of coffee and walking to the cashier to pay.  I handed him one of the coupons and told him it was for free coffee.  Either he was surprised or did not understand English, because he just looked at the coupon and smiled.  Then I saw another guy wearing the same construction uniform and gave him the same coupon.  He also smiled and took it.  I am sure that these two guys could use some free coffee, and it made me feel good to help them out.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

#20: Don't Forget Your Wallet!

"26 acts of kindness","26 acts", "random acts of kindness","#26acts" Today I went to lunch at the Food Court in the mall.  I had just paid for my meal, and the guy behind me started searching in his jacket for his wallet.  He had his plate made at the counter and was ready to take his food, but he did not have his wallet.  He told the cashier "I must have left my wallet in my car.  I'll leave my food right here and come right back." 

I knew what I needed to do.  I said to the cashier, "I'll pay for his lunch."  The guy was stunned.  He was speechless for a second, and then said "no, no, you don't have to do that".  I could tell he felt awkward accepting my money, so I told him that this was an act of kindness and he was helping me get to my goal of 26.  After that, he accepted my offer.  :)

He was so appreciative and told me twice that he would pay it forward.  I have no doubt that he will!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

#19: Paying Attention

"26 acts of kindness","26 acts", "random acts of kindness","#26acts" My good friend and coworker, Sharron, noticed one morning at work that I was wearing a new bracelet. She mentioned that she liked it and it was something that she would buy for herself. I had just bought the bracelet at Forever 21 (don't laugh, that is my new favorite place to buy jewelry!). 

I went to the mall on my lunch break that day and bought the same bracelet for her. I was so excited to surprise her with it that afternoon, but she left after lunch to work from home. I stored the bracelet in my desk drawer waiting for the next time to see her in the office. We kept missing each other due to vacations and conflicting work-from-home days, but finally we were in the office on the same day. She was so excited when I surprised her with the bracelet. I think I had more fun giving it to her than she had receiving it!

Monday, February 11, 2013

#18: Saying Thank You with a Gift

"26 acts of kindness","26 acts", "random acts of kindness","#26acts" Earlier this week, we kept Buddy, my mom's dog, at our house while she was working.  She likes for him to be here and have company on days when she has something to do after work, so he won't be alone all day and all night.

Buddy is a super sweet dog.  Unfortunately he's also a very untrained dog.  Don't even think about taking him outside without a leash, because he will take off running and will not come when you ask.

So back to Monday night.  I was outside talking to a neighbor, and I instructed my kids to stay inside.  My son decided to ignore me, and the next thing I know, the kids and Buddy are running wild in the front yard.  Buddy took off across the street.  My husband chased after him with some food as bait, and I took the kids inside.  I didn't want to lose anyone else!  He was not having any success capturing Buddy, so I put the kids in the car and we went out to help him look. 

I drove out of the subdivision onto a VERY busy road, and there was Buddy sniffing the sign of the adjacent subdivision.  I pulled over to get out and get him, and he flew across the busy street.  I was so scared and envisioned him getting hit by a car.  My mom would never forgive me if something happened to Buddy while he was in my care.  He crossed that busy road about three times, and I looked like a crazy lady stopping traffic during rush hour to save him from an oncoming car.  Meanwhile my kids were waiting in my car, which was pulled over.  Not a good situation for any of us.

A neighbor across the street from that subdivision sign saw me running around chasing Buddy, and she started chasing him with me.  I started yelling "throw him some food!" because that was really the only way to catch him.  This elderly woman and her grown daughter helped me for about 15 minutes literally running in circles in their front yard.  By this time my husband had found us and ultimately the four of us were able to get Buddy.

I credit these kind strangers for saving Buddy's life.  We did not know each other before this incident, but I will always be grateful.  Of course we said thank you when Buddy was caught, but I wanted to do something more.  I went home, wrote a thank you note, included a $5 Starbucks gift card, and put the note in their mailbox the next day.  I hope they know how much we appreciate their kindness.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

#17: Donating to find a cure for Jackson

"26 acts of kindness","26 acts", "random acts of kindness","#26acts, FSGS" As you may have read in #13 of my blog, my son, Ethan, has a good friend, Jackson, who was recently diagnosed with a serious kidney disease called FSGS , which stands for
Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis.  Jackson is only 6 years old and has a long road of treatments ahead of him.  His parents would do anything to find a cure for their only child.  Heather, Jackson's mom, posted on Facebook that if anyone wanted to help, she would ask for donations to The NephCure Foundation.  This foundation is working on a cure for this horrible disease.

I was happy to donate $20 to NephCure and help find a cure for Jackson.

If anyone would like more information on FSGS or Jackson's story, you can check out these links:

Thursday, January 24, 2013

#16: A kind act in the middle of frustration

"26 acts of kindness","26 acts", "random acts of kindness","#26acts" After paying the stranger's toll on MLK Day, I took my kids to Lego Land to spend the day off from school.  In addition to having fun and meeting up with friends, I learned to never, ever, EVER go to Lego Land on a school holiday.  We have annual passes, and it is just not worth fighting the crowds when we can have the place to ourselves any Sunday morning.

After a couple hours of playing, we were ready for lunch.  The line at the cafe was LONG.  And of course there was only one cashier.  All of the kids and parents in line, including us, were hungry and grumpy.  I think we stood in line for 25 minutes, but it felt like 3 hours.  When we got to the cashier, I mumbled something about needing more people to work so the line would move faster.  I flashed my season pass so I could get 20% off our meal.

 I wish the cafe looked like this photo while we were there.

Then I had a thought.  Why not try to perform an act of kindness in the middle of this frustration?  So I handed my season pass to the woman behind me and told her to use it so she could get 20% her meal, too.  I waited for her to complete her transaction, and I think she was very appreciative.  (What's another 2 minutes after you've been waiting 25?!)  I don't know about her, but I felt so much better after doing that for her.  

I know it cost me nothing and only saved her a few dollars.  But maybe my act of kindness changed her attitude that day or possibly inspired her to pay it forward.