Monday, May 27, 2013

#22: Take a dog on a walk

I'm embarrassed to say that I've been majoring neglecting this blog!  However, I have not stopped doing my acts of kindness.  I can honestly say that I've started to incorporate random kindness into my everyday life, which was one of the goals of this challenge.

Last week I was in the mood to go on a walk.  Last year we moved to a subdivision that intersects with a busy street, so it is not a great neighborhood for long walks.  I loved my 2 mile walking route in my old neighborhood (where my mom still lives), so I decided to drive there for my walk.  And since I was already there, why not take my mom's dog, Buddy, with me?

Coco and Buddy

Most of you would not understand why this would be so appreciated.  My mom works long hours and always worries that her dog needs more exercise.  She occasionally pays the teenager a few houses down to walk Buddy.  So I knew how thrilled she would be to find out when she came home that Buddy had already been on a long walk!

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