Tuesday, February 12, 2013

#19: Paying Attention

"26 acts of kindness","26 acts", "random acts of kindness","#26acts" My good friend and coworker, Sharron, noticed one morning at work that I was wearing a new bracelet. She mentioned that she liked it and it was something that she would buy for herself. I had just bought the bracelet at Forever 21 (don't laugh, that is my new favorite place to buy jewelry!). 

I went to the mall on my lunch break that day and bought the same bracelet for her. I was so excited to surprise her with it that afternoon, but she left after lunch to work from home. I stored the bracelet in my desk drawer waiting for the next time to see her in the office. We kept missing each other due to vacations and conflicting work-from-home days, but finally we were in the office on the same day. She was so excited when I surprised her with the bracelet. I think I had more fun giving it to her than she had receiving it!

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