Wednesday, December 26, 2012

#10: Free Lunch

I love reading others' stories on Twitter about their 26 acts of kindness (search using "#26acts"). People are so creative! I have stolen several ideas from reading their stories, including paying for a stranger's meal at a restaurant.

Today I took the kids to eat lunch with my brother at Roaster's in Sandy Springs. I saw a man eating alone at a table near us. Toward the end of our meal, I mentioned to my brother, Adam, that I was going to pay for that guy's meal as one of my acts of kindness. Adam turned around and looked at the man, and responded "He is wearing $300 boots. He doesn't need a free lunch."

I considered Adam's reasoning, but decided to pay for the man's lunch anyway. Even if this guy has plenty of money, he may be touched by the act of kindness and inspired to pay it forward in bigger ways than what I have been doing. Take my situation. A stranger paid for my $0.50 toll, and now I am donating much more than that in my 26 Acts project. 

And maybe the guy does not have any money left because he just spent his last $300 on a pair of boots; he would really appreciate the free lunch! :)

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