Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mission 1 Complete

"26 acts of kindness","26 acts", "random acts of kindness","#26acts" I tried to think of various ways to perform my first act of kindness while I was working at home today.  I was really hoping to find myself in a situation to give something small to someone I happened to run into, just like the tollbooth event yesterday.  But when you're home alone all day, you don't run into too many people.  I wrote down a few ideas that will probably come to fruition soon.

After work I took my kids to SnipIts so my son could get a haircut.  There is one stylist there that I am not particularly fond of (let's just say I didn't have a great experience with her, but I've been happy with all of the others), so I usually ask for anyone but her.  While I have never been rude to her, she is very aware that I always ask for someone else.  

Anyway, I had read some inspiring articles today about the 26 acts, and someone suggested performing an act of kindness to a person whom you do NOT like.  That seemed odd to me.  Why would I want to go out of my way to do something for someone I don't like?  However, this is a new experiment for me, so I am trying to keep an open mind.

Back to SnipIts.  I figured that since this was my first trip out of the house today, I better find a way to perform act #1.  That article stuck with me, so I decided I would tip both my son's stylist AND the stylist that I always avoid using.  When it was time to pay, I asked the cashier to give an extra $5 tip to the other woman.  I was trying to be subtle, because my goal is to be as anonymous as possible.  However, tipping both women caused quite some confusion. 

 First, the cashier thought I had two kids getting haircuts and she must have forgotten to charge me for one of them.  
 "No," I explained, "just one haircut." 
 "So you want to give HER a tip?  But she didn't cut your kid's hair?"  
 "I know", I whispered.  "Just give her the money."
 The cashier complied and leaned over to hand the woman a $5 bill.
"Where did this come from?" the stylist asked.
"This woman over there".  
I smiled.
Confused looks from the other two.
"I'm just being nice today."

Finally the stylist understood.  She was shocked and excited.  She kept repeating "thank you, thank you, thank you, that is so nice, thank you, thank you...."  I knew that she would appreciate an extra $5, but I was not expecting how excited she would be.  It was quite a scene, and I was proud of myself for pulling off a successful Act #1.  

Now I can't wait to plan #2!

If anyone else is working on their own 26 Acts of Kindness, please share in the comments. 


  1. Some friends and I started the day after the incident. People's tempers were beginning to flare and we wanted folks to consider that how they treated wach other would determine whether or not this happens again. We are being kind, not just doing random things, but truly trying to live better and do better by each other. I think it great that the idea is spread and others are interpreting it in their own way. We will heal, and hopefully we will grow closer to our neighbors as a result. http://28DaysForNewtown.wordpress.com

  2. I am inspired. I am going to do this with my kid. He won't know the origins of the project, but he will learn the awesomeness of kindness and generosity. We start tonight.