Wednesday, December 26, 2012

#9: Rounding Up

This act of kindness was unplanned. It was also small in monetary value, but it still counts because it is not something I would normally do. 

This morning we were at the mall when my daughter had an accident... (She warned me but we couldn't get to the restroom quick enough.) Unfortunately we did not have extra pants in the car (yes I know, lesson learned), so I bought her some new pants at JC Penney. Luckily it was the day after Christmas, so these new pants only cost me $3. :) Apparently JC Penney has a system where the customer is asked at each transaction if they would like to "round up" and donate the change to the Salvation Army. 

Normally when I am asked to donate to charities during a check out line, I say no. I don't know why I always say no, but I do. This time was different because I am much more conscious about helping others and donating to charitable causes.  My total was $3.18, and I said yes to rounding up to make the transaction an even $4. 

Now I know that this act of kindness was minimal in dollar amounts, but I am counting it because I would not have done this if not for my 26 Acts of Kindness project. I am going to make an effort to start saying yes more often.

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